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Старый 13.11.2020, 17:11   #1  
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It’s time to turn a new page.

You’ve noticed that I’ve been absent for a long time. No posts, no activity. Well, blogging takes time, and I am a sort of a perfectionist. Writing posts sometimes takes hours, there have been posts that took me days. Let me not mention how many articles sit unfinished. Most of them make no sense at all to complete anymore.

I was thinking of video blogging. Eric Hougaard has a pretty cool video blog, and he actually inspired me to start thinking in that direction. But having created dozens of videos myself, and being perfectionist and all, creating videos takes a lot more time than writing posts.

So, I’ve decided to try something else: live blogging. Yeah, right, I always get on a train five years after it takes off, but better late than never, they say.

To make the long story short, today at 15:30 CET (that’s 3:30 PM EST) I kick off.

The place you want to be is or you can simply scan the QR code below.

Good. If you want to know how this new live blog will work, I invite you to join me today, or to watch the recording afterwards. No spoilers, no trailers. Just pure BC fun (Sheldon Cooper style )

See you in the cloud!

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