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Старый 19.01.2009, 17:50   #1  
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Hello Everyone

A belated Happy New Year or HNY as its known at Microsoft!

The NAV Roadshow is running again in February. We have pushed a lot of events your way recently. You may be suffering from Microsoft Event Fatigue.

With that in mind we are running the Feb roadshows as half day events with an optional opportunity to stay after a lunch for NAV 2009 Messaging, Demo and Licensing.

Highlights from the morning session include Simon Williams from K3 giving feedback from the first live NAV 2009 Implementation in the UK and Steve Farr reviewing the figures for the first half of FY09.

Reading TVP: 10[sup]th[/sup] Feb

Manchester IOD: 11th Feb

Edinburgh Microsoft: 12th Feb

You can book in here:

All 3 events start at 10.00. Finish for Lunch at 1.00. Then an open ended NAV 2009 Round-Up (summary of Sales & Marketing material from Nov/Dec events)

Provisional Agenda: 10.00

Welcome & NAV News

10.15 -10.45

Reflections on my TAP (NAV TAP Review)

10.45 – 11.15

Making Money with MOSS & DCO License

11.15 – 11.30


11.30 – 12.30

Spider Group


12.30 – 1.00

Half Year Review



1.30 - ?

NAV 2009 Round-Up

What's New NAV 2009 Messaging, Demo & Licensing

As always if there are any questions or queries please  get in touch.

Many Thanks

Phil Newman

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