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atinkerersnotebook: Using the Cross Company Sharing To Populate a new Company within Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations

The Cross-Company Sharing feature has been in Dynamics 365 for a couple of versions now, and it allows us to create sets of tables that we can mark to be replicated between two or more legal entities within the system.

This is great because, for a lot of the codes and controls, they will be the same for the most part between all of the different legal entities. There are only so many ways that you can set up discount codes.

I thought that I would take it for a test drive today and created a new blank legal entity and thought that I would add some additional sharing policies to see how this works.

How to do it…

For this example, we have created a new Legal Entity within Dynamics 365 (USPS) that we want to configure. The problem is that a lot of the codes are not populated – for example, the Cash discounts.

I could set all of the discounts up the hard way by copying them by hand from another Legal Entity, or I could use the Cross Company Data Sharing to do it all for me. Because all of the discount codes that I want are sitting in the USMF legal entity already.

To do this, all we need to do is to open up the Cross Company Data Sharing maintenance form. Here we can see that I have already imported a number of new templates into the system, but the Cash discounts are missing.

All I need to do is click on the + New button to create a new record.

Then we will want to give our sharing template a Name. Here we set it to Cash discount.

When we click on the Save button, we will see that the + Add link becomes enabled.

When we click on the + Add link, a search box will appear that will allow us to find the tables that we want to include in this template.

If we search through the Tables, we will be able to find the different tables to share between the organizations. In this case, we want to find the CASHDISC table and select it.

Then we can add it to the sharing project by clicking on the Add table button.

That will add the Cash discount entity to the sharing project.

If we expand the Cash discounts entity, we can see all of the fields that we can sync. We don’t have to share all of the data if we don’t want to. But for now, we will keep all of the fields.

Now we will want to tell the system what companies we will share the data among. To do that we will want to click on the + Add button in the companies panel to create a new record.

We will start off by selecting the USMF company from the company dropdown list.

And then we will want to add another company. So we will click on the + Add button again to create a new company record.

Now we will choose the new company that we created that is blank (USPS) from the dropdown list.

After we have done that our cross-company sharing project is done. All we need to do now is click on the Enable button in the menu bar.

This will open up a dialog that will ask us if we want to copy all of the data between the companies. We want to so we will just click on the Yes button.

That will kick off the initial process to synchronize the data between the two companies.

And after a few seconds, we will return back to the Cross-company data sharing configuration page.

To see what this has done, we just open up the Cash discounts maintenance form within the USPS company that we wanted to populate and click on the refresh button.

Now we will see that all of the Cash discount codes have been copied from the USMF company over to the USPS company.


If we set up all of the different codes and controls that we want to populate in our new companies, then almost all of the tedious setup will be done for us through the cross-company sharing.

How cool is that.

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