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vanvugt: Test Automation Examples - Example Two and Categories


This was waiting somewhat too long on my desk to be completed, but this morning I finally did: Extended Text on Assembly Documents. This example extends the standard Extended Text feature in Business Central to assembly documents. As with the previous two completed examples (Blocking Deletion of Warehouse Shipment Lines and Automatically Set Posting Period on GL Setup and User) you will find a full collection of ATDD scenarios in Excel and PowerShell files, that were used to let the ATDD.TestScriptor PowerShell module efficiently create test codeunits.


Now with code complete on all current examples, I also started to add various categories to them to describe at overview level what each example contains. This will allowi you to find what you are looking for without needing to dive into the details first. These are the categories I have added so far:
  • ATDD Sheet
    • This denotes that an ATDD Excel sheet is present in the test project
  • ATDD.TestScriptor (PowerShell)
    • This denotes that ATDD scenarios are present in PowerShell format that can be converted to AL test codeunits using the ATDD.TestScriptor PowerShell module
  • ConfirmHandler
    • This denotes that some tests do use a ConfirmHandler
  • Enqueue
    • This denotes that variable enqueueing is used in some tests
  • Fresh Fixture
    • This denotes that fresh fixture is created in tests
  • Library
    • This denotes that helper functions have been aggregated into test libraries
  • Report (ProcessingOnly)
    • This denotes that some tests make use of a processing only report
  • RequetPageHandler
    • This denotes that some tests do use a RequetPageHandler
  • Scenario Variations
    • This denotes that this example has a high number of variations of similar tests
  • Shared Fixture
    • This denotes that shared fixture is created in some tests
  • TestPage
    • This denotes that some tests make use of a TestPage object
And I have also added the following categories to point out to what functional area the example feature belongs:
  • Assembly
  • Financial Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Might you have any suggestion (or question) for improving existing and/or adding new examples, be invited to record an issue in the repository
  • Feel free to suggest categories and where to apply them here

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