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powerobjects: Dynamics 365 Spring 2018 Update: What’s New for the Admin?

Are you an Administrator that feels like you have no control over your environment? Do you want to grow your environment and give your system new life? If so, we have the perfect webinar for you! Our What’s New for the Admin? Webinar will highlight a multitude of new features and improvements spanning different functional areas in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

In this blog, we will highlight a few of the many new spring 2018 update features that will be presented in this webinar.

Tired of learning about changes made in your environment until after it has created chaos? Alerts is one of the new features that will help enhance productivity for your business. Alerts allow for the creation of alert rules that will inform you of a predefined event or action taking place in your system. This will allow you to define an event and build rules around it. You can also specify when the rule will expire, the messages used by the rule, and specify the user to receive that alert.

Data sharing for customer and vendor tables has been enhanced in this latest release of Dynamics 365. This existed previously, but was not supported for cross company data sharing. You can enable this functionality for sharing customer and vendor tables for a small number of legal entities for related tables.

Wish you could have that external data displayed on your form so you do not have to leave your environment and search for it? Well in the new spring 2018 release, you can now embed PowerApps in workspaces and forms. This enables you to enhance functionality without having to utilize code. Not only can you seamlessly embed these apps into your system, but you will also be able to embed data from external sources available right on your form.

Custom Fields are also available in the new release of Dynamics 365. While the application comes with an extensive array of out of box fields that can be utilized, there is often need to create a custom field for a specific business need. This has been made easier with the new release! You can now add a custom field to a table without having to use code. Users are also able to see a list of all the custom fields that have been created via one module in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.

Accessing remote desktops can be frustrating! If you are tired of having to remote into a Virtual Machine in order to monitor, diagnose, debug, and move data you will love the new Lifecycle Services sandbox self-service automation and RDP lock down feature. This feature will allow you to monitor and control your sandbox environments without have to mess with those frustrating remote connections.

If you want to learn more about the new spring 2018 features above, please join us on May 10 for our “What’s New for the Admin?” webinar.

Our Spring 2018 Update Webinar Series is an excellent resource for staying up to date on the latest CRM and ERP changes for Dynamics 365. Plus, it’s all FREE! Register for one or more sessions now.

Happy Dynamics 365’ing!

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