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Over the course of creating my videos, I have created a number of demos, and massive amount of code (well, massive in relation to the duration of videos). So, with Microsoft’s agreement, I have published all of the demonstrated C# and PowerShell code to my GitHub repository.

If you haven’t watched the videos yet, then please do.

And then, just visit this:

The repository contains two directories:
  • PowerShell: contains the demos for any PowerShell demonstrated in the videos. Also, contains the Master folder where the master PowerShell script resides. I won’t change the demos (you shouldn’t either), but I’ll gladly accept any contributions to the Master folder.
  • C# (ASP.NET): contains the demos for the MVC-based provisioning portal. Please, feel free to use and abuse this one at your will. It’s been crammed together in a very short time, so it’s probably buggy and all. But I hope it can evolve into something truly useful for whomever wants to do serious business with Managed Service.
So, that’s all. I feel extremely proud of my first real GitHub contribution (even though a blog visitor has been able to figure out a secret one which will also go-live in a couple of days).

Enjoy, and send your feedback my way!

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