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Danny Varghese: CRM 2011 Dynamic Excel Worksheet Error and IFD

I recently came across an issue where we implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and then enabled IFD using claims-based authentication, the provider being ADFS. Users exporting data to Excel as dynamic worksheets got errors.


CRM allows users to export data to excel as dynamic worksheets.  Dynamic worksheets store connection information to the CRM database, so that anytime the spreadsheet is opened or connection refreshed, the latest data is populated.  A great business case would be an organization that doesn’t want to pay for full access licenses for some folks because all they need is to access a certain set of data as part of their job.  Someone might export the data into Excel, and maybe even add pivot tables for analysis.  That spreadsheet, if exported dynamically, will have it’s data refreshed each time it’s opened.


After exporting to Excel in our development and test environments, it worked fine.  But in the production environment where IFD was enabled, the spreadsheet came up blank.  We then saw an error: “Script is disabled, click Submit to continue.”  Apparently some users got the ADFS sign-in page.


Unfortunately, there’s no easy solution/way around this.  Microsoft has a kb article here:  The solutions are to either install Microsoft Dynamics CRM Outlook client, or by using the following steps mentioned in the kb article:
  1. Export the Dynamic Worksheets and/or Dynamics Pivot Tables from Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.
  2. Open up the Dynamic Worksheets and/or Dynamics Pivot Tables with Excel.
  3. After the ADFS sign in page or the “Script is disabled” error shows in the worksheet, click on Data tab.
  4. Click on Connections.
  5. Within Workbook Connections, click on Properties.
  6. Within Connection Properties, click on Definition tab.
  7. Click on Edit Query button.
  8. Within the Edit Web Query, window you will need to do one of the following:
    • Using IFD Claims authentication, the Edit Web Query will redirect to ADFS login, enter in the user’s credentials and click on Sign In.
    • Using Claims authentication, continue to step 9.
  9. After getting the Microsoft Dynamics CRM error, click on OK.
  10. Within Edit Web Query, click on Cancel.
  11. Within Connection Properties, click on Cancel.
  12. Within Workbook Connections, click on Close.
  13. Within Excel > Data tab, click on Refresh All.
I hope the come up with a better solution soon!

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