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Up against ERP veterans SAP and Oracle, among others, Microsoft is battling to establish itself as the volume-based SMB ERP market leader. A vertical partner enablement strategy is its first step to secure customers demanding more industry aligned solutions in a market where price can make or break a deal.

Scope of this report
  • Microsoft's current ERP strategy: Partner network is crucial to its success.
  • Microsoft's future ERP strategy: Strong focus on vertically aligned solutions.
  • Project Green: Microsoft's ERP convergence strategy.
Research and analysis highlights
In Datamonitor's view, it is unlikely that Microsoft will establish a footprint in the enterprise space through its hub-and-spoke approach. While Microsoft may be able to win subsidiary contracts, transforming them into enterprise wide implementations is a far harder task to achieve and requires substantial know-how to carry out.

Due to the vast incidence of the Microsoft Windows operating system & Microsoft Office, and their high level of day to day usage, integration with both suites of applications is a key requirement for ERP vendors. Microsoft's ability to integrate its ERP products with Office & various Server platforms will distinguish it to many in the SMB market.

Key reasons to read this report
  • Learn the facts behind Mircosoft's current and future ERP strategy.
  • Discover the need of integration for ERP products and how Microsoft is going to deal with integration issues.
  • Find out all about scalability as a must-have for solutions in the mid-market space.

Полный отчет - платный.

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