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Старый 14.05.2017, 13:09   #1  
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Anton Popov
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An error on opportunity form
Hello, community.
I'll appreciate any tips or suggestions you can give me according to solving an issue I've faced in my working process.
Version of the system: Dynamics 365 online
I made a copy of the system form Opportunity in order to save the source and customize a copy. I put in my new form a lot of new fields. At the same time, most of the default fields were removed from the new form. The original form was deactivated with the purpose to hide it from the list. When my new form was ready I started to test it and created a new record Opportunity. At the end of creating an error popped up. The log of this error said next:
TypeError: Cannot read property 'Metadata' of undefined
at Object.GetOrderType (
at Object.FormApplies (
at Object.OnLoad (
at f (
at w (
at Array.<anonymous> (
at u (
at Function.i.load.n (
However, my new opportunity record was created and saved but I still need to get rid of this error screen anyway. Otherwise, my customer is gonna think this error may cause a trouble for users.
I started my activity to figure out what's the nature of this mistake and checked libraries. I concluded it needs the particular field, which no longer is located on the form, and put all fields back on the new form. Saved and published my changes. Created next one new record but the error still exists.
Should I search the problem in another place?
Thanks in advance for your help.
Старый 15.05.2017, 10:39   #2  
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Hello, Anton. It looks like this problem is not related with your actions. It looks like a system bug so you need to contact MS Support
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