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Nav developer: Coffee Break: Simplify Your Customer Service

Following up on our previous posts, this is the latest edition of the NAVDiag tool, aimed to inspire and simplify your customer service. The tool is for on-premise installations only, but we hope this can help increase the efficiency of your customer service and free more time and resources for product tasks, like migration to Cloud.

New in this edition is the code coverage added to supplement the steps recording function added in last version. The Record Steps action will now start both step recorder and code coverage, and export the output when completed. The idea is to collect all details you might need for troubleshooting a single task, in one click of the button. This is done invoking the built-in code coverage, available as of Dynamics NAV 2016, but you can modify the tool to use the old CodeCoverage free fobs available for 2015 version.

We’ve also added a simple config analysis function that will point out the changes in your service configuration, in relation to default configuration values. User can now also download and mail the log.

You have given us some great ideas and suggestions, and these are not forgotten. Please allow us some time to add these, and keep your ideas coming!


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