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crmtipoftheday: Tip #1261: Get BAD & MAD in Hawaii

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Is there a plan for new Masterclasses in 2019? These classes seem the way to go to be future proof and finetune our current methods.

From the email
Good news! We are opening BAD season straight after the Business Application Summit that takes place in Atlanta on June 10-11. At the summit you’ll hear about a lot of new things, but there won’t be any time to digest. That’s where Busines Application Developer (BAD) Masterclass picks up and breaks it all down for the developers and architects. And don’t just take our word for it.
Very much enjoyed. Two days full of knowledge, learning and excitement. Was a great experience to learn new things from such a great personalities.

– Anagha
Why Hawaii? It is literally half way between US & Australia, where we live. If you are coming to BAS all the way from Asia, Australia, or New Zealand, why wouldn’t you stop for couple days, recharge the batteries, and learn something new?

Wait, are you MAD?

We’ve been repeatedly asked not to let developers have all the fun. We listened. Introducing Managing Application Developers (MAD) Workshop.

Managing your business application developer team doesn’t have to be difficult. In this half-day workshop we’ll discuss communication strategy, common misunderstandings between business and technical teams and learn about leading your team with a good application lifecycle plan. Some of the planned discussion topics:
  • Can you fire all developers now?
  • What are your developers not telling you?
  • Make peace between developers and citizens
MAD Workshop runs in parallel with BAD Masterclass and is designed for team leaders, project managers, CTOs, CEOs, and all other people who are actually responsible for the teams, technology, and, ultimately, projects success.

While your developers are learning BAD, discover how to make the full use of that knowledge. Register your developers and get MAD for FREE!


Follow the links, read the agenda and register:
See you there!
Julie, David & George

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