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atinkerersnotebook: Dynamics 365 Integration Overview

In this example we will show a number of different ways that we can manage integration using standard tools. We will start off with a generic SQL database, use LogicApps to send changes to a Service Bus, then use Microsoft Flow to send the data first to the Common Data Service and then to Dynamics 365 for Sales, and finally use the standard integration to update Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations.

SQL to Service Bus via Logic Apps

How it works…

We will start off with a simple database that is deployed in Azure to simulate a legacy system. In this case we deployed an Azure SQL database and loaded it with the Northwind sample data.

We then created a Service Bus within Azure that we will use to send all of our update messages through.

Using Azure LogicApps we can create an integration monitor that checks the Customers table within the Azure SQL database for new records and then sends a message to the Azure Service Bus when changes are detected.

Whenever a change is made then a message is triggered and a message is sent to the Service Bus.

Service Bus to Common Data Service via Microsoft Flow

How it works…

Now that the message has been sent to the Message Bus, we can trigger events to collect the changes in the Common Data Service using a simple Flow.

When a message is received in the Azure Service Bus the Flow will create a new record within the Common Data Service Accounts Entity.

Here is the new record that was created because of the flow being triggered.

Common Data Service to Dynamics 365 Sales via Microsoft Flow

How it works…

Now that the record is being created within the Common Data Service we can start disseminating it to the core systems. We will use Microsoft Flow again to send the new Account to Dynamics 365 Sales.

Once the flow is triggered we will see that there is now an Account record within Dynamics 365 for Sales.

Dynamics 365 Sales to Finance & Ops via PowerApps

How it works…

The final step to is to synchronize the data within Sales with the Finance & Operations Customers. To do this we will use the Business Platform Admin Centers Data Integration service which maps the data between the two entities.

The Data Integration project will periodically run and create the new Customer records based off the Accounts within Sales.

Within Finance & Operations the Data Management workspace tracks all of the Data Integration Calls.

We are able to see all of the activity and the inserts into the system.

We can even see all of the data that is staged by the integration service.

Now the Customer record is available within Finance & Operations.


How cool is that?

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