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Sumit Potbhare: Personalization Business Process | Standard Retail Outbound Needs | Approach to D365 for Commerce with Adv WH Mgmt
Источник: https://sumitnarayanpotbhare.wordpre...h-adv-wh-mgmt/

Hi Guys, Hope you have read my previous post where we talked about most important process in the Outbound side of the Retail Warehouse that is Picking. We also looked at different types of Picking methods and Pick mediums available for the Picking process. In this blog, we are going to discuss a distinguishing characteristics of a Retail Warehouse, especially if it offers or sells via the e-commerce channel, which is personalization. This is the process that allows consumers to order things and get them tailored to their specific needs.

If you look at the blueprint that we’ve been going through, personalization tends to happen towards the tail end of the process down here around packing.

This concept sometimes referred as value-added services or outbound value-added services. It’s easier to abbreviate with three letters there than spell out the whole thing of personalization, but it’s the same thing. And usually what happens with this is that after the products are picked, anything that needs to be personalized will go to a VAS or a personalized workstation where that activity will take place. And then after that, once it’s been personalized, then it goes to packing and gets packed out like a regular order.

So if you ever go to the personalization area of a retail warehouse, you will see a place similar to picture below where embroidery takes place. And we need to talk about this area because this is an area in which partners are likely to enhance the base functionality of D365 FO Warehouse Management in order to comply with all the requirements of this given area.

So let us go through each of those. There’s really three things that personalization is going to require from the system. The first is it just needs to be able to get the product that needs to be personalized to this location – VAS or Personalization location.

The second thing is you need to be able to communicate what is it that needs to be done to this garment, in this case, you know, what name needs to be sewn into the apparel or what initials need to be monogrammed into the glass or whatever. But somehow that information has to be delivered and communicated to the operator so they can set up the machines accordingly.

The third thing is it’s very common that people will order products that need to be personalized with products that don’t need to be personalized. And so at the conclusion of, say, the embroidery process, you’ll have to mate all that stuff together. So there has to be some way of communicating where the rest of the order is located.

All three of these pieces of information are usually communicated on a work order that shows, where to pick the product from, what needs to be sewn into it or customized on it, and where the rest of the products are located that it needs to be mated up with once the personalization is done.

So I hope you got a better understanding on Outbound value added services or Personalization business process and that’s what you should expect a Retail Warehouse manager to be asking about.

In the next blog, we’re going to look at another most important process at the Outbound side of a Retail Warehouse similar to Picking because it consumes a lot of labor and that is Packing.

Feel free to reach out for any clarifications. If you like my blog posts then comment and subscribe to the blogs.
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Disclaimer: The information in the weblog is provided “AS IS”; with no warranties, and confers no rights. All blog entries and editorial comments are the opinions of the author.

Credits: Microsoft Learn, Microsoft Docs

Источник: https://sumitnarayanpotbhare.wordpre...h-adv-wh-mgmt/
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