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powerobjects: Bringing Innovation to the Healthcare Industry with Dynamics 365

PowerObjects’ expertise around Microsoft Dynamics 365 does not just end with the product itself. To ensure that we are always adding the most value to our customers and the Dynamics community, we also have teams that bring rich experiences and vision around specific industries including Healthcare, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Retail, Consumer Goods, Travel and Hospitality, and Housing. Each industry specific team not only knows the ins-and-outs of Dynamics 365, but can also understand and predict the day-to-day challenges and opportunities that each industry is faced with. Today’s blog will highlight a few examples of the innovation that our Healthcare team has brought to the industry.

Hear about Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City’s Dynamics 365 journey and how the PowerObjects team impacted their project in this Customer Success Video.

Watch Medica use Dynamics 365 to give users easy access to business intelligence, enable effective communication across departments, and make smarter business decisions.

Read about United Wound Healing’s work with PowerObjects and how they built a CRM system that could grow alongside their company. Read case study.

To learn more about PowerObjects’ Healthcare expertise, click here.

Happy Dynamics 365’ing!

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