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goshoom: Custom date and time format

I was extending a customization of Dynamics AX when I ran into the following piece of code. It formats the current date and time to something like 20150525_0042.

str dateValue, dateFormat; dateValue = date2str( systemDateGet(), 321, DateDay::Digits2, DateSeparator::None, DateMonth::Digits2, DateSeparator::None, DateYear::Digits4, DateFlags::FormatAll); dateFormat = strFmt( "%1%2%3", dateValue, '_', subStr( strRem(time2Str(timeNow(), TimeSeparator::Space, TimeFormat::Auto), ' '), 0, 4));

If I haven’t formatted the code to make it more readable, you would struggle to follow what it does. Even the original developer had the same problem – I already fixed two bugs (!) in this code snippet.

I rather dropped the code completely and replaced it with this:

str formatted = System.String::Format( '{0:yyyyMMdd_HHmm}', DateTimeUtil::newDateTime(systemDateGet(), timeNow()));

Better, isn’t it? It’s not only shorter, more importantly it’s much easier to understand and maintain. It would be even simpler if I used DateTimeUtil::utcNow() instead of keeping the original logic with systemDateGet() and timeNow().

This is just a simple example of how .NET Interop from X++ can make your life easier – the amount of .NET code available for you is huge. In this particular case, I called String.Format() method with a custom date and time format. You can also use custom formats when parsing strings to dates (DateTime.ParseExact()), which is probably even more useful.

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