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kurthatlevik: AX 2012 R2 – Cross docking for smaller warehouses

Based on some customer requirements, a simplified generic “Cross-docking” solution have been created. When items is received, it was wanted that Dynamics AX should try to suggest a crossdock – putaway location on those arrival lines that could be sent within a spesified horizon. Also to mark the receipt and issue inventory transactions.

To accomplish this a new query based cross-docking setup screen have been created.

Here as many cross-docking rules as needed can be set up.

The main fields are:

Warehouse – where the rule is effective
Priority – search sequence of the rules
Crossdocking location name – Name of the rule/description of the location
Crossdocking horizon – number of days to look forward
Enable crossdocking – On/off parameter to enable/disable this crossdocking rule.

Then there are two query criteria that is used:
Receipt criteria : Is used to select what receipts that could be cross-docked, and is based on purchase and arrival lines. Create additional critiera like vendors, projects, items and item groups.
Issue criteria : Is used find crossdocking candidates, and is based on sales lines.

The grid is a view only, and shows show the query selection. This is for simplyfing the readability of the query.

To change the query, click on the “select values”, to get up a standard AX query Screen.

Some criteria lines are gray, meaning that they have been locked, and cannot be changed to the user. Some of the criteria is also dynamic values, like the confirmed shipdate that also handles orders there only requested shippingdates have been filled.

The receive process can be drawn like this:

This will result in a arrival journal that looks like this:

The Cross-docking feature will also work the same in the DCS/PDA solution.

Solution study in a medium complex crossdocking scenario.

Here I will show the crossdocking solution in action, when having multiple salesorders and where also some goods are crossdocked, and some are put to the warehouse.

First, the Crossdocking rules. I decided to test the scenario with 2 rules. One for each customer.

The first rule «priority1», covers ONLY item 100, and customer no-001, and outbound dock Out_01

The secound rule, covers all items, but ONLY customer DMO-100, and outbound dock Out_02

Then I create a small purchase order with the items 100 and 101, with 10 each.

I then create 2 sales orders both with the items.

I then want to use the DCS to create the receive:

As seen in the last DCS screen, we see that 5 lines is remaining. This because the 2 purchase lines, have been split to one line per destination. If we look at the Arrival journal in AX, we can see this split. The Yellow lines is the “cross-docking” lines.

If we look down at the inventory transactions, and check out the inventory marking we see the transaction effect of the cross-docking.

As seen here, the purchase is correctly marked against two sales orders. We also see that the inventory transactions for the sales order is reserved ordered:

If we continue with the DCS receive process, the user will be informed that the receive line is a cross-docking, with the correct quantity and also suggest the cross-docking location specified in the cross-docking setup

When all lines have been received, then the user clicks Post, and can then also post the product receipt list:

If we also check out the sales orders, we see that the reservation has been changed to “reserved physical” towards the location that was selected as the put-away location.

Post to Codeplex ?

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