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Старый 11.07.2007, 23:10   #1  
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Dynamics AX: TechEd 2007 InfoPath demo bits

This is my last day of vacation. It's been fun, and so I am trying to get back into the grove of things. Well in that I have been doing so reading around the web, catching up on things in the community and all. I came across the Microsoft X++ teams blog. Not many post yet, but you can tell there is going to be some really content here. you can check this: X++ Team Blog

In reading over this, which some nice post already, I came across something I wanted to post about, which was using InfoPath 2007 to interact with Dynamics AX with, as a front end forms processor / client. Now the direction taking here is a 'Connected State' direction, which mine was going to be more of an Asychronous state of interaction. Still you could easily take the example provided here: Example from the X++ Team And turn that it to something that works in a disconnected fashion. Think of a salesman traveling around, generating Sales Quotes that needed to be submitted, when connected, to the CRM module in Dynamics AX.

Anyway I wanted to post this link to the X++ team blog, and that article as well for something that everyone should keep an eye on for good information. Well check back as I start my regular postings again. I am about to wrap up my focus on the .Net and Dynamics AX [I will come back later to this] and move to advanced SQL Server tunning and performance enhancements with Dynamics AX. Check back soon!

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