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waldo: New Upcoming Conference: DynamicsCon

I just wanted to raise some attention to a new Conference in town: DynamicsCon.

Quite interesting, because it’s perfectly aligned with the current world situation regarding COVID-19 issues: it’s a virtual event .. and it’s free! I’m not saying I prefer virtual events. I don’t. But given the circumstances, I guess it makes sense – and some advantages as well: you will be able to see all content, all sessions are pre-recorded (which means: demos will work ;-)), and you can do it within your living room without losing any time on traveling.

Now, the committee is handling this really well: they have been calling for speakers for a while, and many people reacted. Really anyone could submit session topics to present. As I did as well (you might have figured out already I do like to do this kind of stuff ). So how do they pick the topics/speakers? Well, anyone who registers can can vote for sessions!

So, please if you didn’t register yet: do so now, and until August 1st (that’s not far out!), you can help the committee pick the topics most people want to see during the conference. The most votes will be picked! I’m not going to advertise my sessions – just pick based on topics. That makes most sense!

Some highlights on the conference:
  • It’s free
  • It’s virtual
  • It’s not just for Business Central. These are the tracks:
    • 365 Power Platform
    • 365 Finance & Operations
    • 365 Customer Engagement
    • 365 Business Central
  • There will be Q&A panels during the conference
  • Recorded sessions which will end up on YouTube!
September 9-10

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