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waldo: Getting not-out-of-the-box information with the out-of-the-box web client

A few days ago, Isaw this tweet:
Do you need to see current the database size for a company broken down into table sizes? In #MSDyn365BC 2020 release wave 1, you can do that in the new Table Information page. See more:

— Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (@MSDYN365BC) May 23, 2020
And that reminded meabout a question I had a few weeks ago from my consultants on how to get moreobject-formation from the Web Client. More in detail: in Belgium, we have 2 languages for a tiny country (NLB,FRB) that differ from the language used by developers (ENU). Meaning: consultants speak another languagethan the developers, resulting in misunderstandings.

I actually had avery simple solution for them:

TheFields Table

For developers, awell known table with information about fields. But hey, since we can “run tables” in the web client (andsince this is pretty safe to do since these are not editable (and shouldn’t be– but that’s another discussion :D)), it was pretty easy to show theconsultants an easy way to run tables. It’s verywell described by Microsoft on Microsoft Docs. Just add “table=” inthe URL the right way, and you’re good to go. So for running the “Fields table”, you could be using thisURL:

And look at thatwealth of information:
  • Data types
  • Field names
  • Field captions depending on the language you’re working in
  • Obsolete information
  • Data Classification information
  • ..
All a consultant could dream of to decently describe change requests and point developers to the right data, tables and fields.

This made me wonderthough:

Andcan we easily even more from the web client?

Not all of theBusiness Central users, customers, consultants, … are developers. So, can we still access this kind ofinformation, without the access to code, VSCode or anything like that?

Yeswe can.

In fact, thestarting point should be: how do I find objects? Is there a list with objects? And therefore also a list with theseso-called system tables?

Well, you’ll need to…

learnhow to find “AllObj”, and you’ll find it all!

AllObj is a system table that houses all objects (including the objects from Extensions), so if you go to this “kind of” url, you’ll find all objects in your system:

You’ll see a verysimple list of objects, and you can even see the app (package Id) it belongs to(not if that is important though …):

So – now you knowhow to find all objects and how to run objects. You can run tables, reports, queriesand pages, simply by constructing theright URL (pretty much the same as explained here).


To find thesespecial tables with system information, simply filter the “AllObj”table on “TableData” and scroll down to the system tables numberrange (ID range of and above) and start browsing :-). You’ll see that you don’t always havepermission to read the content .. but if you do, you’d be surprised of the datathat you can get out of the system.

Justa few pointers

Session information All Objects Fields License Permission Key Record link API Webhook Subscription API Webhook Notification Active Session Session Event Table Metadata Codeunit Metadata Page Metadata Event Subscription Whatif I get an error?

Well, that happens –like this one:

I don’t know why itdoes that – but do know you can always turn to a developer, that can try toapply the C/AL trick: just create a page in an extension and add all fieldsfrom the table and simply run that page.

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