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msdynamicsworld: From the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement Blogs: System configuration; Omnichannel engagement; Command checker tool

This week on the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement blog roundup:
  • How D365 Customer Engagement can support remote work
  • Simplified system configuration in Dynamics 365 Sales
  • What is omnichannel engagement?
  • Custom ribbon buttons and the wonderful command checker tool from Microsoft
How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement can support remote work

Writing on the CRMSoftwareBlog, an author from Jovaco Solutions pointed out that Microsoft offers a number of tools to keep employees connected no matter where they’re located.

The author noted that a cloud-based customer relationship management platform, such as Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and the Office 365 suite of online productivity tools offer companies most of what they need to keep operations going even when their employees are in different places.

In the blog post, the author explained how Dynamics products can support remote work. The writer also stated the implementation can be performed remotely as well.

Simplified system configuration in Dynamics 365 Sales

On the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Blog, Paramita Chatterjee stated that beginning with the April 2020 release of Dynamics 365 Sales, administrators will have a simplified configuration experience that will enable them to more easily discover and manage system settings to meet the unique needs of their companies. However, she noted that this simplified experience is only available for Unified Interface customers.

Chatterjee pointed out that new app settings area in the out-of-box sales hub application helped admins quickly and easily configure the sales app from a single place.
In addition, if your organization creates custom model-driven apps that are tailored to your business needs, the new unified settings experience can be extended to custom sales applications through simple, configurable settings.

In her post, Chatterjee talked about what the unified settings experience offered as well as how to use the unified settings experience in a custom sales application.

<h2>What is omnichannel engagement?

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