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TORONTO — Microsoft has big plans for scaling its application-software business, CEO Steve Ballmer told partners at its worldwide partner conference here Tuesday.
"My ambition is to make the whole world Danish," quipped Ballmer, who said the Danish market is almost completely dominated by Microsoft's Navision, Axapta and other ERP and supply-chain-management wares. Navision, which Microsoft acquired in 2002, is headquartered in Vedbaek, Denmark.

Ballmer spent the bulk of his keynote taking questions, submitted in advance, from small, mid-size and large partners. Ballmer and other Microsoft executives here are projecting Microsoft Business Solutions (MBS) ultimately could be a multi-billion-dollar business, on a par with Microsoft's Windows, Office and server businesses.


Ballmer said the company has far bigger plans for MBS. Microsoft began integrating the MBS partner base with its own over the past year, resulting in a transition that many channel partners at the show here have said was rocky.

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