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Microsoft Dynamics AX Developer
If You are interested in work for a company that offers a huge number of opportunities for Your personal and professional grow, welcome!
TComTech Company (Microsoft partner with ERP and CRM competencies) is looking for specialist for the position of Microsoft Dynamics AX Middle Developer.

At least 1 year

Requirements to knowledge and experience:
• University degree in information technologies
• Experience with AX 2009/2012;
• Experience with MS SQL 2008/2012/2014;
• Programming languages: X++
• Programming skills in Microsoft .Net Framework: C#, ASP.NET
• Knowledge of SQL Reporting Services
• Knowledge of SQL Analysis Services
• Ability to write technical documents
• Competent oral and written speech (Russian, Ukrainian)
• Level of English – Intermediate

Requirements to personal qualities:

• Analytical thinking
• Initiative, responsibility, attentiveness, sense of diplomacy
• Ability to work in a team and independently

• Participation in the implementation and support of MS Dynamics AX.
• Development of new functionality;
• Enhancements to the existing functionality.
• Testing of the developed modules and the overall solution;
• Correction of errors and identify their causes.
We offer:
• work in a growing company with young team of professionals;
• decent wages;
• training, education and certification (Microsoft);
• professional and career growth within the company;
• official employment;
• social package – mobile number, paid sick leave, official vacation (24 calendar days per 1 year).

We guarantee the interesting job, collaboration with interesting people and high-level professionals, the opportunity for professional grow and leadership competencies, ability to contribute in all areas of work with people in our company.

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