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waldo: Dynamics NAV and GDPR Compliance

Disclaimer: this blog is mostly a repeat of what was in Microsoft’s blog .. I just try to spread the word

Sometimes I get the question: “Is Microsoft Dynamics NAV GDPR compliant”. I’m not a GDPR specialist, and don’t want to act like it. But …

This week, Microsoft blogged about GDPR. And it’s clear you need to ask yourself another question: How can Microsoft Dynamics NAV help YOU, to be GDPR compliant. Because it’s not about the software being compliant (obviously NAV is :p), but it’s about YOU being compliant. And we clearly have Microsoft Dynamics NAV on our side to help us!

What is GDPR?

You can find all information on GDPR here. GDPR stands for “General Data Protection Regulation” (Rules for the protection of personal data) and applies to all EU citizens and businesses – and – it’s due by May 2018 (meaning, you must make sure you’re compliant to it by that time)!

How does Microsoft help?

Microsoft is clearly dedicated to help us in this matter. In December last year, they released this blogpost which pointed you to the right information about GDPR.

This week, there was a follow up, that by May 2018, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018, 2017, 2016 and 2015 will be updated with tools to make you compliant! I assume that it has to do with the new “DataClassification” property on tables and fields, which is explained here.

The current available cumulative updates already have the first round of updates, which are explained in this whitepaper. I haven’t gone through the whitepaper myself yet .. I’m going to let that being processed by the people that actually understands it ;-).

Additional Information

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