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saurav-nav: Directions Asia - Will you be around?

Hi All,

Directions Asia 2018 Conference for partners and customers and is happening in Bangkok Thailand.

Conference dates are March 15 and 16.

We will be there!

About Directions Asia 2018 -
Directions ASIA is a must-attend conference for Microsoft Dynamics SMB focused Partners that provides a collaboration platform for the Microsoft team, ISVs and implementers, technical and sales experts as well as business owners and executives from Microsoft Partner companies operating in the Asia-Pacific region. The objective of the conference is to build agile, well-informed and collaborative community of Partners to support their business growth based on Microsoft Dynamics products and the latest technology advancements.The 2018 conference is to welcome more than 500 participants.

Will you be there?
If you already booked your seats then let's meet in Directions Asia. This is the first time I am attending sessions and I would love to interact will anyone who would be interested. I would love to be part of all workshop and sessions as much as I can, but we can meet after/before session.

If you are not there?
Don't worry if you are not there. 05 Team members from archerpoint India Just landed in Bangkok -
1. Saurav Dhyani
2. Jon Long
3. Sowkarthika Rajendran
4. Mahadevan Alagaraja
5. Pavithra Palani

Keep a close eye on our twitter accounts to get updates. You can also follow @archerpointinc on twitter to see updates during the session.

I will be posting articles after coming back from #DirectionsAsia.

Keep your twitter ready and keep on asking questions as you see updates coming from Directionsasia.

Saurav Dhyani

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