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dynamicsax-fico: Invoice search AX2012 vs. AX7 (Part 2)

Part 2: Invoice search AX7
Now let’s have a look at the invoice search capabilities in the new Dynamics AX 7.

Option 1: Invoice journal inquiry form
The first option available to search for vendor invoices is the invoice journal inquiry form. In this form, a new search field has been introduced that does – on first sight – not seem to be able to search for invoices by using wildcards. Example:

An alternative to searching for the invoice number through the new search field is using the new filter options illustrated in the next two screen-prints.

Compared to the AX2012 filter options, those two filters seem inferior, as the use of wildcards is (currently) not possible.

Because of the numerous search results that I received from my prior searches I tried using the advanced filter options in addition …

… and noticed that the use of wildcards in the advanced filter form is possible and helps identifying the invoice I am searching for quickly. For details, please have a look at the following two screen-prints.
Note: A major difference and advantage compared to AX2012 is the ability to search for the customer name …
… and several other criteria in the standard search field available.

Option 2: Customer list page
An alternative to searching for invoices in the invoice register inquiry form is an invoice search via the “all customers” list page. Searching for invoices via the customer list page follows the same principles as in AX2012. That is, you need to apply an advanced filter first by adding joined table relations…

…before you can apply the search filter and identify the customer with the respective invoice record.

Once you have identified the respective customer account you need to apply a second filter in order to extract the invoice information you are looking for.

Option 3: Open customer invoice list page
Invoice searches in the open customer invoice list page work the same as in AX2012 except for the way how you enter filters. Please note that this form will show you only open invoices and if the invoice you are searching for is already paid, no invoice is filtered.

Option 4: Collections window
Searching for a specific customer invoice via the collection windows – note the new AX7 term “aged balances” – is identical to the search in AX2012.

That is, you have to use an advanced filter first to get your customer selected …

…and then apply a second filter in the collections form for the very customer you have selected.

Option 5: Customer service form
Searching for customer invoices in the customer service form works exactly as in AX2012.

Interestingly, AX7 supports the use of wildcards in the customer service form to identify the customer record … … and the invoice one is looking for.

Option 6: Enterprise Portal search functionality
As the Enterprise Portal is not an element of the new AX7 system, searching for invoices through the Enterprise Portal is not possible anymore.

Option 7: Enterprise search functionality
What has been said for the Enterprise Portal search also applies for the global enterprise search. That is, as the global enterprise search functionality is not part of the new AX7 version it cannot be used for invoice searches anymore.

If you have some additional hints on how to search for customer invoices in AX2012 and/or AX7, feel free to leave a comment on this site to help also other users that might have similar problems. Thank you very much and till next time.

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