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vasantharivali: Configure Hyper-V Legacy Network Adapter for D365 VM


Recently, I had a issue with my D365 VM Network. The internet connection from my laptop, is not passed to the VM. The network adapter has configured correctly. Then I got the below steps to solve the problem.
  1. Launch Hyper-V Manager from your App Menu
  2. In the Actions area in right-hand navigation, click “Virtual Switch Manager”
  3. When the Virtual Switch Manager window opens, select “New virtual network switch” on the left, select “Internal” on the right, and then click the “Create Virtual Switch” button
  4. Give the new switch a name like “Virtual WLAN” [user specified] and click “OK”
  5. In Windows 8 sys tray, right-click on the wireless icon and click on “Open Network and Sharing Center.” You will see the new Unidentified Network connected to the vEthernet (Virtual WLAN) [user specified] adapter.
  6. Back in Hyper-V Manager, select your VM (make sure it is turned off) and on the lower left side, click “Settings”
  7. The Settings window will default to Add New Hardware, select “Legacy Network Adapter” and click “Add”
  8. In the Legacy Adapter details, select the “Virtual WLAN” [user specified]  adapter we configured earlier and click “OK”
  9. Go back to Windows ’s Network and Sharing Center and click on the “Wi-Fi”/ “Ethernet”[LAN] link (or the name of your laptop’s wireless/LAN adapter) listed in the Connections In the adapter status window, click “Properties”
  10. In the Properties window, click the Sharing tab, check the “Allow other network users…” box, select “vEthernet (Virtual WLAN)” (or the name of your wireless/LAN adapter), and click “OK” to close the window
  11. Click Close to exit the Wi-Fi/LAN status window
Then restart the VM, now it got connected with your Host network.

// Vasanth Arivali

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