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powerobjects: Enable and Configure Relationship Assistant

Relationship Assistant is one of the features of the Dynamics 365 Embedded Intelligence suite. This assistant aids in monitoring and tracking daily actions and communications. The assemblage of action cards hosted within Relationship Assistant displays tailored, actionable insights throughout the application. Its functionality includes:
  • Reminding you of upcoming activities
  • Gauging your communications in order to intelligently advise the right time to reach out to an inactive contact in your portfolio
  • Recognizing email messages awaiting your reply
  • Alerting you to Opportunity close dates as they approach.
Follow the steps below to enable Relationship Assistant and begin enjoying all the intelligent action cards embedded in Dynamics 365.

Step 1:    Click Settings > Sales AI.

Step 2:    Click Relationship assistant > Configure.

Step 3:    Under Cards, select the Actions you wish to enable.

NOTE:    By default, only the basic Card options are enabled. To enable the Advanced Cards, select the checkbox to reveal the following additional options:

Under each of the Advanced Cards categories are additional options available. Since the options are different in each category, explore all of them.

Step 4:    Click Save and begin enjoying the benefits! Once you start using these, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without them.

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Happy D365’ing!

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