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waldo: NAV2016 PartnerSource Marketing and Sales material

I admit .. this is somewhat late in the year to come with this information. But I was searching for marketing material on NAV2016, and came across a list of links to (mainly) PartnerSource that might be useful for you as well, so I decided to write up a quick blogpost.

As such, these are “official” resources for NAV 2016, regarding three topics:


Obviously, there is a lot out there already regarding NAV 2016 awareness .. including (non-)MVP blogs, Microsoft blogs and such. I’m just referencing the official links I got from Microsoft, which is:

This category, is leaning more and more to the “marketing-fluff” ;-). Here we have:

Regarding decision-making, there are these links that can help you:
That’s all .. enjoy!

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