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Dynamics AX: Dynamics AX 2009 & SQL Server 2008
In my last post I talked about, how we are just now starting to scratch the Dynamics AX 2009 surface. And with the soon to be release SQL Server 2008 Database Product, I thought it was a perfect time to start talking about the two together.

I did some digging around, and came across some nice published information about Dynamics AX and SQL Server 2008. First off we have this recently published SQL Server 2008 Benchmark document:

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 - Benchmark Report

When looking at the above benchmark, do a search on the page for 'Dynamics AX'. Doing so will bring you to the following quoted statement:

"Record scale improvement of 70% in throughput, scalability and response time
Benchmark tests demonstrate record scale showing up to 70 percent improvement in throughput scalability and response time; maximizing performance while minimizing database growth using SQL Server 2008 database compression."

And Dynamics CRM benchmark information was just right below that:

"Record scale at 24,000 concurrent users with sub-second response rate
Benchmark tests demonstrate that record scale at 24,000 concurrent users with sub-second response rate was achieved with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0, SQL Server 2008, and Windows Server 2008 for enterprise-level workload. Learn more"

Now, lets take a look at the offical Press Release for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009: (Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009)

"- Enhanced security, reliability and scalability though integration with Microsoft SQL Server 2008. For example, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, through Microsoft SQL Server 2008, can compress the database size by 40 percent to 60 percent, which can lead to lower hardware and data maintenance costs."

So there is for sure a benchmarked reason why clients would want to upgrade to Dynamics AX 2009 & SQL Server 2008:

- Huge increase in throughput, scalability and response time.
- Ability to use compression, out of the box, to minimize hardware cost

And this seems to be the case for Dynamics AX 2009 in general. The overall architecture has improved greatly (see my article on Scaling of the AOS), and now we can scale up and out, and take advantage of newer technology offerings. This also means that a client would gain a lot of performance benefit for switching from SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2008.

Check back soon!

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