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crmtipoftheday: Tip #1307: PowerApps designer makes your work in progress easier

Today’s tip is from EY Kalman. Got a tip? Send it to (and include either your Twitter handle or LinkedIn profile link for the eternal appreciation link).

Late last night I decided to start playing around with entering the datafields directly into the entity first (the aim is to drive a Model Appeventually). Managed to get some stuff done, then headed to bed.

This morning I brought it all up again, and picked up from where I left off.Something immediately jumped out at me – the fields I was adding were shown in bold (as outlined inthe image below)

This intrigued me – originally I thought that perhaps I was creating a fieldthat was named the same as a default schema, and the system was letting me knowthis somehow. However, this wasn’t the case at all.

What it actually is, is showing the new fields that have been added (whilstthe entity hasn’t yet been saved). Once you save the entity, then the boldingof the name disappears.

So quite a useful way to see new fields, and work out exactly where you arewith things!

Imagine the following scenario:

You’re in the middle of editing the values of specific fields withinDynamics. Suddenly a colleague comes over to your desk to ask you something, oryou get a phone call (obviously to assist with a technical matter!). You spendsome time on the call, and deal with whatever is needed. You hang up, and lookback at the screen.

Hold on. The train of thought is gone. You’re looking at the overall entity,and can’t remember if you did update a specific field, or you didn’t? And ifyou did, did you already publish the entity, or not?

You’ll need to open up each field that you’re needing to update, to see if you already dealt with it or not. MAJOR pain and headache, and loss of productivity.

Well…not to fear! When dealing with field values in PowerApps Entities, there’s an extremely helpful visual cue for this (outlined below):

How it works is simple:
  1. You open up an existing field in the Entity Designer, and edit something, anything at all, within it
  2. You save it
  3. Bingo! The icon shows next to it!
  4. When you then Publish the entity, the icon disappears
Now, what could we possibly do with all of that time saved…

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