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crmtipoftheday: Tip #1300: CDS vs Dynamics 365 instances
Dynamics 365 Apps are built on top of Common Data Service

Citizenship in IT, 2019 edition
If that’s the case, we should be able to install/uninstall Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Apps at will, right? Yes. In theory. In the future. Decoupling Dynamics 365 CE from the underlying platform is a long and painful process.

Our special UK correspondent Mohamed Mostafa reports. (Would you like to be our special correspondent yourself? Send the tip(s) to

With many new customers adopting PowerApps, they are building instances (environments) of type CDS Only and building Apps on these new instances. Although, CDS only instances do look almost the same as a new Dynamics 365 instance, they are indeed different. As it stands, you cannot currently install a Dynamics 365 1st Party app (for example Field Services) on a CDS only instance. Additionally, there is no way currently to upgrade a CDS instance directly to be a Dynamics 365 instance.

Take this example scenario: A “Lead Capture” PowerApp created on a CDS only environment gets widely adopted by an organisation and it becomes essential to add more built-in features and functionality from the Dynamics 365 Sales App and the Dynamics 365 Sales AI (Sales Insights) App. At the moment, adding these Dynamics 365 Apps to a CDS only instance is not possible. A direct upgrade of this CDS only environment to be a Dynamics 365 instance is also not possible. The only solution in this case is to migrate the CDS instance with all its data, configurations and Apps to a new Dynamics 365 instance. This now becomes a migration project not just a simple upgrade.

Hence, it is essential for any individual or team looking to build a new PowerApp to consider the future of this App. If the use of Dynamics 365 1st Party Apps is expected, then they should build this PowerApp on a Dynamics 365 instance not on a CDS only instance.

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