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emeadaxsupport: Unable to close shift due to records in Offline database

Title: Unable to close shift due to records in Offline database


The cashier is unable to close his shift because there are transactions that are not
transferred from the Retail Offline database. The Retail offline Sync service
is running, but the transactions are still not being moved.


There are various reasons for this behavior. One is example that the Database utility was
executed before all data were moved to the store database. Another can be that
additional tables were added to the offline scope or simply misconfiguration
while creating the POS configuration with the Retail Database Utility.


We need to provision the offline database / Offline sync service again.

1. The first step is to run the N-1095 job to push out the offline scope to the store database

2. Then start the Retail Database Utility on the POS and point to the right store database and offline database. Press continue.

(Remember the identification must be right as well.)

3. Go to services and restart the “Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail Offline Sync Service”

4. Wait 2 minutes and then log into the POS (connected to the store database) and close the shift.

Author: Kim Truelsen

Date: 20/8-2013

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ax2012, pos, r2, retail


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