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Sample Design Patterns: Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 and issues with the global address book

I previously blogged about willingness to help others. Here is one of examples for helping other professionals that use Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Some time ago I had a question from a person on the other side of the world related to issues with global address book in context of upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009. I thought that this is not a big challenge, and we had it ourselves, and I imagined that everyone will be upgrading directly to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 SP (Service Pack) 1 where this issue is solved, but there seemed to be some challenges left.

Since we had this issue ourselves, we shared our solution and it helped.

Here is the original query I received:

“I would like to ask you regarding the global address book. I did the upgrade from ax 3 SP 5 to AX 2009 but I got a problem on the vendors details and customers details table. The upgraded vendors and customers have no address book id and their default type for them is 'any'. Another thingis that some records are upgraded in global address book but when I checked the DirPartyTable I found a few duplicated PartyId with different DataAreaId.

My questions are the following:
  1. Is it correct that after upgrading the vendors and customers by default in AX 2009 they should have value 'any' for PartyType?
  2. Is there any way to transfer them to the global address book safely without having any problem in vendors and customers tables?
  3. Is it correct the DirPartyTable table might have a duplicated Party Id with different DataAreaId?”

Our solution is contained in this XPO file (3 kb) that contains two jobs that you can use as baseline to remedy this issue. Please check the X++ code in them to see if the fit in your context, and run it first in test environment before releasing it in production environment. Here are also some additional details that I got afterwards:

“Thanks a lot for help. Answering your question regarding the version, we upgraded to AX 2009 SP1. I have three different virtual companies. Two virtuals have been done with the vendors and customers update in address book table, but only one virtual which was been not updated with the address book table. Using your jobs I have successfully solved the issue.”

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