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Art Of Creation: SSRS: Empty fields on report

At one of our customers, the Open transactions report for customers was not showing data in some of the fields. There should have been amounts on the report but there was just empty space. The weird thing was that this was only happening on PROD and not on ACC or TST.

After some digging, we noticed that the fields that were empty had the Visible property set to No on the temporary table that was used by the data provider. Thanks to Bill Thompson for pointing us in the right direction: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Report Development Tip – Data Not Showing in Report.
No changes to the report were required, simply set the fields on the temporary table to Visible = Yes and restart the report service. Then the data should show up.

However, although this was a solution, the real problem was that the kernel versions of the AOS and the AX components that were installed on the report server didn’t match. After updating the components to the matching kernel (in our case 6.0.1108.7889-KB3053474-Binary) and restarting the report service, the report worked fine even with the visible property set to No.

So in conclusion, Always check if the kernel versions of all components match when facing weird problems like this.

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