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survivingcrm: Microsoft Flow and Dynamics 365 – My Slides from CRM Saturday Oslo

Watch out: the Citizen Developers are coming! They are armed with easy to approach GUI tools like Flow, PowerApps and PowerBI, and they aren’t afraid to connect to any of the 160+ cloud apps that you may or may not know your organization is using to solve everyday business problems that the traditional IT projects have failed to serve.

This is the common story you hear when Microsoft talks about this new generation Business Platform and how it powers the hottest of the hot buzzwords: digital transformation. While it certainly represents a big shift in the capability to deliver new business apps, there is at least an equally significant impact these tools can have to the more centralized efforts of building organization wide solutions for managing business processes and data – meaning CRM system deployment and development. With this in mind, I set out to explore the current state of Microsoft Flow in regards to how it can be used together with Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. The results of this study and some of my personal thoughts on how Flow changes the way we deliver CRM projects can be found in the following presentation:

Microsoft Flow and Dynamics 365 – Jukka Niiranen at CRM Saturday Oslo, 2017-08-26 from Jukka Niiranen
In these slides you’ll find information about topics such as:
  • How does Flow relate to other MS technologies like Common Data Service (CDS)
  • What traditional CRM process automation scenarios could Flow be leveraged in
  • Is the new Dynamics 365 V9 capability of embedded Flows the replacement to now deprecated Dialogs
  • Why Dynamics workflows are still easier to work with than Flows
  • What licensing and administration considerations do you need to keep in mind with Flow
  • Microsoft Flow vs. Azure Logic Apps, what should you use where
The actual presentation took place last weekend in Oslo, Norway, where I was invited to speak at the CRM Saturday event. It was the first such event that I had the opportunity to participate in and found it to an awesome experience! I had a great time meeting both the local Dynamics 365 community members as well as spending time with the very knowledgeable speakers and fellow MVPs. A big thanks to Microsoft Norway for graciously hosting us and to the community hero Marius Agur Pedersen for making the event possible in the first place!

If you aren’t yet familiar with the CRM Saturday concept, I suggest you go check it out and keep an eye for future events where Dynamics 365 community members can get together and exchange ideas on how to make the world a better place for CRM professionals and customers alike. Do also keep an eye on the #CRMSaturday hashtag on Twitter for the latest buzz around the events and information shared from the presentations. At least Mohamed Mostafa and Jonas Rapp have also made their sessions’ slide decks available and I’m sure there’s plenty of other blog posts out there that have been inspired by these events.

The post Microsoft Flow and Dynamics 365 – My Slides from CRM Saturday Oslo appeared first on Surviving CRM.

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