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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team Blog: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile SDK Update and Azure Mobile Connector SDK

As announced in Bob Stutz's blog post, we’re thrilled to announce several updates to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile SDK, to help you tailor your custom mobile CRM solutions. The release includes new Mobile SDK class libraries for Android and iOS to help create native mobile apps with Dynamics CRM. These class libraries build on the foundation of the Activity Tracker sample apps that were released for Dynamics CRM in December and expand their functionality to include compatibility with all out-of-the-box entities as well as custom entities.

We are also excited to announce the Azure Mobile Connector SDK for Dynamics CRM Online in partnership with the Azure team, providing advanced functionality such as mobile offline sync in an easier fashion for developers.

The Mobile App Development Portal is also being released today. It will be the central hub for all future mobile development announcements and includes a specific discussion channel on the Mobile App Development Forum.

Dynamics CRM Mobile SDK

What's included
  • Source code for a sample mobile apps - These full-featured sample apps address real-world needs and the source code is provided for you to extend further. With these sample apps you can access your CRM contact list and add contact task activities. You can also locate the contact on a map and communicate with that contact through email or a phone call (when supported by the device)
  • Class library - The library contains classes for a web service proxy, message request and response classes, and required CRM data types. These classes support both the SOAP and OData v2 endpoints of the CRM organization web service
  • Early-bound code generation tool - Generate early-bound types from CRM standard, custom, and customized organization entities. Include these types in your app project to access CRM entity data
  • Documentation - files are provided for the class libraries and the code generation tool with enough of a description to get you started
What about Windows 8 or Windows 10 app development?

We have that covered! Go to the following MSDN pages to find similar class library, sample apps, and early-bound code generator for Windows Phone development.
Getting Started with CRM Mobile SDK

Start by building and running the Activity Tracker sample apps (Android | iOS) and then use the class libraries (Android | iOS) and code generator to create your own solutions.

Azure Mobile Connector SDK

Azure Mobile Apps provide a lightweight, yet fully customizable, offline sync feature. Azure has partnered with the Dynamics CRM team to release the Azure Mobile App Connector SDK for Dynamics CRM Online:
Getting Started with Azure Mobile Connector SDK

Try out the tutorial for setting up the Activity Logger pre-built app. You can use an existing Dynamics CRM Online tenant and Azure subscription, or sign up for a free trial of CRM and free trial of Azure.

The tutorial will walk you through the steps to provision a Mobile Service and configure it with Azure Active Directory for delegated access. Then, you also configure the pre-built client with AAD.


Carlos Mendonca | Program Manager | LinkedIn

Girish Raja | Sr. Product Marketing Manager | Twitter

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