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msdynamicsworld: Azure Insights: Deploying Kubernetes Service; Authenticator app; Security Center; App Insights; Microservices architecture

Microsoft Azure pros share their latest insights on deploying Kubernetes Service with Node Pools, using the Authenticator app, connecting Security Center with Windows Server on-prem and more.

Deploying AKS using Node Pools

Richard Hooper, writing on Pixel Robots explored how to deploy Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) with Node Pools and Active Directory authentication, using ARM templates. He discovered the process a year into using AKS when he needed to auto-scale clusters, but was limited by availability sets. It turns out there is no single straightforward way to migrate from an old AKS cluster to a new one and Hooper needed to redeploy the entire cluster and the apps on it. He opted to use ARM templates rather than Terraform for the redeploy.

Other users looking to take this approach will need a Log Analytics workspace, a service principal with contributor rights and a vNet. He explained parameters, showed an example of the ARM template and even provided two YAML files in a Git repo used to gain individual or group access to the cluster.

<h2>Looking into the Authenticator app

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