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powerobjects: PowerObjects Investigates: Is Life Really Easier in the Cloud?

At PowerObjects, one of our guiding principles is to Live the Technology. That ideal has helped us become a leading Global Systems Integrator for Microsoft Business applications through the lens of Microsoft Dynamics 365. This has kept us busy at work helping customers achieve their Cloud vision. So, what’s next for us? Well, we set our sights on the skies, sort of, as we make our own move to the Cloud.

PowerObjects is migrating our existing on-premises Dynamics platform to Dynamics 365 Online. We’ve always said that we are our BEST case study for Dynamics success, and by taking advantage of the robust online features, marketing automation capabilities, and reporting functionality (just to name a few), our goal is to prove even further how passionate we are about Dynamics 365 as a business application.

You might be wondering why now? Haven’t they always been in the Cloud? What’s the business benefit for us making this migration? Well, this interactive microsite is designed to not only share our story with you every step of the way, but to show you how important our Proven Process is for delivering a successful Dynamics project. All while being completely transparent about the challenges that come with an upgrade for any organization, no matter what their background.

Follow us on our migration journey in our interactive microsite here. We’ll be providing updates, behind the scenes peeks into the progress, and insight into both the highs and sometimes lows of an implementation. We hope you enjoy our story and that it inspires your organization to consider a move to the Cloud!

Happy D365’ing!

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