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dyn365finsupport: Customizing security in Dynamics 365 Business Central

With the 2018 Fall update for Dynamics 365 Business Central we have some new features specifically related to managing users security.  I've been getting a lot of questions and wanted to put out a blog with a few pieces of information and tips to go along with the official documentation.

You can find detailed documentation on these security features in the following link:

Creating custom Permission Sets
You cannot modify the existing\default permission sets.  I recommend that you copy an existing permission set and then modify it to fit your needs.  There is no 'encyclopedia' of permissions or a guide to what grants you access to certain things.

Recording permissions
There is a super useful new feature that allows you to record the permissions required for performing tasks.  This feature is great for determining what permission are needed for accessing certain pages or areas of the product.  I see this being more useful for figuring out which permissions you need to REMOVE from an existing permission set when you're fine tuning the existing ones you've copied.

When you use the recording feature you need to leave the 'Permissions' page open when you start the recording.  I recommend starting the recording and then using the 'Search' feature to navigate away to perform the tasks you want to record.  When you're finished you can close out of the new pages you've opened to get back to the 'Permissions' page and stop the recording.

Effective Permissions page
This page is great for seeing why someone has access to something and which Permission sets are granting it.  It will also show you the 'Entitlement' at the bottom which is showing you if the License assigned to the user is granting them the proper access or not.  Users must have the proper permissions assigned as well as a license that allows them to access the product properly.

If you're familiar with the 3 features above and how they work and compliment each other, you should be able to handle any security questions or concerns that arise.

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