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powerobjects: PowerCharge: Transactions with Stripe Just Got Easier!

PowerObjects has long offered an add-on that securely stores and processes credit cards within CRM for Dynamics 365. Known as PowerCharge, this PowerPack add-on enables users to charge and refund their customers’ credit cards directly from Dynamics 365 without having to locally store sensitive and private information.

PowerCharge fully integrates with Stripe (along with many other payment gateways), a technology company whose software allows businesses to receive payments over the internet while providing the technical, fraud prevention, and banking infrastructure required to operate on-line payment systems. The Stripe integration within PowerCharge has been enhanced, so that PowerCharge subscribers using Stripe now have the ability to charge credit cards in more than 130 different international currencies. The process is incredibly simple:

When initially setting up a credit card in Dynamics 365, users will be prompted on the Credit Card page to choose the card’s default currency to charge. In the example below, we’ve selected US Dollars (USD):

Once the card is saved, any transactions charged to it will automatically default to this currency at the point of sale. However, on the point of sale Transaction Information page, users will always be able to change (or override) the default currency to another of the 130+ available currencies. It’s simply a matter of clicking on the Currency field and selecting the appropriate currency. For example, we’ve changed the currency in the example below to British Pounds (GBP):

It’s as simple as that! This enhancement saves time by requiring fewer clicks in the majority of transactions while still preserving the ability for the occasional override. (Note that any refunds with Stripe will always use the same currency in which the original transaction was charged.)

If you’re not already using PowerCharge, what are you waiting for? Click here for more information.

As always, happy Dynamics 365’ing!

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