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dynamicsaxtraining: Axapta Training Introduction

When I first opened Axapta I scared. A lot of fields, grids, buttons, forms…. Wherefore all these? Who teach me? What processes lay under Dynamics AX interface?  I always ask these questions when I began studied Axapta. I try to read the tutorials but they were boring to me and didn’t give full picture of processes.

Why we use software? To improve and simplify life! And Axapta is no exception. Axapta was developed to simplify and improve life. All processes that lay under fields, grids, buttons,  forms are from life. People develop processes as easy as possible and we can understand them. And understand how processes implemented in Dynamics AX.

I am Axapta developer and could say that ERP software is really difficult for developers. Ones must know besides programming language different subject matter (Logistics, Finance, Production). Developer could spend a lot of time to understand what for some checkbox is used.

In Axapta Training we will learn basic processes of company life and how these processes are implemented in Dynamics AX (Axapta).  I will write articles and create videos lesson to disclose separate theme. For example Purchase Order lesson discloses process that used purchase order document (who use, what for, what statuses etc), how this process implemented in Dynamics AX.

Each lesson has following part:

1)      Process description

2)      How this processes implemented in Dynamics AX

3)      Demo

Lessons cover the scope of Microsoft Dynamics training materials. If you already know some theme it is simple to omit them and find what you are really need.

Step by step we will learn the main modules in Axapta.  I hope this training will be a good teacher. If you a beginner and have questions about fields, grids, buttons, forms then find simple answer for simple questions in Axapta Training.

Join training right now, under Categories section you can find list of available trainings:
Technorati Tags: Dynamics AX (Axapta) training

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