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msdynamicsworld: Azure Insights: ExpressRoute architecture; Arc-enabled SQL servers; Service Principal and PowerShell querying

Azure pros share their thoughts on ExpressRoute architecture, Arc-enabled SQL servers and querying SQL data with Service Principal and PowerShell.

Making sense of ExpressRoute architecture

Aidan Finn detailed a variety of different options for architecting with Azure ExpressRoute. Through the service, Microsoft provides private layer 2 and layer 3 network connectivity, spanning on-prem and virtual networks. The offering is similar to Azure VPN, Finn stated.

Network and Enterprise service providers are the two kinds of vendors that can connect to Azure with ExpressRoute, using connection options like Circuit and Peering. He explained:
The choice between ExpressRoute and site-to-site VPN isn’t always as clear-cut as one might think: “big organisations go with ExpressRoute and small/mid go with VPN”. Very often, organisations are choosing to access Azure services over the Internet using HTTPS, with small amounts of legacy traffic traversing a private connection. In this case, VPN is perfect. But when you want an SLA or low latency, ExpressRoute is your choice.

Finn detailed the differences between customer premises equipment, provider edge routers and Microsoft Enterprise Edge, along with tiers. He added that there are rare circumstances where ExpressRoute can coexist with VPN, one being failover.

<h2>Adding Arc-enabled SQL Server

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