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AX 2012 Wizard does not update Analysis Serivce Project: workaround

Recently I bumped into a strange issue in AX 2012, which prevents importing Analysis Services Projects to AOT.

Given that this import is an essential part of cubes development and deployment, I decided to find a way to get this thing done.

The issue is in the fact that nevertheless all changes made to your perspective are successfully present in the Wizard tree, they are never saved back to AOT. Therefore, the previous version of your project is always deployed to SQL, no matter what you try to achieve.

The workaround is pretty simple. Make up your perspective, run the Wizard and let it finish its job. Make Deploy option unchecked because it is pointless.

Once the Wizard window is closed, just find your project in the node of Analysis Services Projects and delete it.

Then find a recently created folder in your TEMP directory; this one must contain your recently added artifacts, say, financial dimensions as depicted.

Here we go.

Now just import this particular project back to AOT, and run the Wizard again to deploy the projects.

It is also worth double-checking the project content in Visual Studio before running the Wizard for the second time.

If you missed the target, find the right folder with your added/changed objects.

Now the Wizard should find no changes and just deploy it.

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