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Старый 03.09.2019, 10:12   #1  
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Ax 12. R3 SSRS report BusinessLogic class method changes are not reflected in the report
Hello all!

I updated code in BusinessLogic class, recompiled it, redeployed the report and compiled INC CIL but the changes are not reflected in the report.

In the report I have a text-box with expression "getGroupTotal()" which returns an integer value 10 for testing, but when I generate the report it shows that methods previous calculated value.
If I change the expression to show any other variable without using BL methods then the report shows the change.

I tried to delete Visual Studio and Ax cache files, AOS restart but that didn't helped.

I would appreciate any help
If any other information is needed to help me, please ask.

Название: getGroupTotal_1.png
Просмотров: 93

Размер: 8.7 Кб

Название: getGroupTotal_2.png
Просмотров: 89

Размер: 3.2 Кб

Название: getGroupTotal_3.png
Просмотров: 87

Размер: 3.8 Кб

Название: getGroupTotal_4.png
Просмотров: 85

Размер: 4.5 Кб

Название: getGroupTotal_5.png
Просмотров: 90

Размер: 2.7 Кб
Старый 03.09.2019, 10:55   #2  
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Адрес: Барнаул
Did you try to redeploy VS-project with your modified business logic class ?
Check, if business logic dll on SSRS server updated. You even can delete this dll it from SSRS, and then redeploy business logic class from VS - to ensure that DLL will be created again
Старый 03.09.2019, 11:17   #3  
Ventainais is offline
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Регистрация: 31.08.2019
To deploy a report I always use MS Dynamics AX 12 Management Shell command
"Publish-AXReport -Id sqlservername -ServicesAOSName aosname -ServicesAOSWSDLPort 8101 -ReportName MyrReportName" but if I try to deploy the BL class from VS I get an error message:

Нажмите на изображение для увеличения
Название: getGroupTotal_6.png
Просмотров: 22
Размер:	47.8 Кб
ID:	12382

I'm not sure how to find the dll in SSRS server and/or I have the rights to do so.
The server administrator can't help me with this ether.

Последний раз редактировалось Ventainais; 03.09.2019 в 11:19.
Старый 03.09.2019, 15:59   #4  
Ventainais is offline
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Регистрация: 31.08.2019
Problem solved.

Export AOT/Visual Studio Projects/C Sharp Projects/yourProjectName.businesslogic
Delete it from AOT and import it back again.
Redeploy the report.

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