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crmtipoftheday: Tip #1059: Enabling Tracking and Rating for Portal Pages

Two common requests for portal pages is enabling tracking (seeing who has gone to a page) as well as ratings for pages i.e. the ability to say if a page was useful or not. Rating can be found relatively easily under the options for a web page (log in to the portal as an Administrator, edit the page and go to options. However tracking a page (logging when a page is loaded on someone’s browser) is not as obvious.

My rule of thumb for the portal is, if in doubt, go to the record in Dynamics 365. The configuration record for a web page/entity form/web form should contain all of the possible settings (where else would they be?). Sure enough, if we browse to a web page record, we see the ability to enable these under the page options.

Rating puts a five-star rating on the page. This is most commonly used for knowledge article pages but, in principle it can be enabled anywhere on your site.

Tracking automatically adds a record to the Web Page Log entity every time an enabled page is visited. The IP address of the visitor is captured and, if they have logged onto the portal, it will also link the Web Page Log record to their Contact record.

Finally, for those looking for a bit more in-depth analysis, in the Content Snippet records, there is a Tracking Code snippet where you can add a tracking code e.g. Google Analytics and monitor your site that way.

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