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crmtipoftheday: Tip #1033: Use Fiddler to boost client-side development

Today’s tip is from Matt Beard – thank you! And, hey, you can be a guest tipster too – just send your tip to

As a CRM developer, I regularly run through this exact process step by step when writing WebResources such as HTML or Javascript and I’m sure others do too.
  1. Write your code in your IDE of choice
  2. Find/create the WebResource in CRM
  3. Choose your File
  4. Save & wait
  5. Publish & wait some more
  6. Navigate to the form & Refresh
  7. Find your made a tiny mistake meaning you have to repeat 1 through 6 again!
I’ve always disliked this long winded approach, until I found out about AutoResponder within Fiddler! AutoResponder lets you write a rule, either with an exact match or a regex match and allows you to return a local file to the browser rather than the original.

In this example:

When we try to load the “mb_customwebresource” file from the Dynamics system, we would actually be given the one from my local hard drive meaning all I need to do during my development is make my code change, save the file locally and refresh the htm!

If I tried to actually calculate how much time this has saved me in the last month alone, my employer would be a very happy chap!

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