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powerobjects: Retail’s Perfect Valentine

February is the month of love, and it should come as no surprise that retailers and Dynamics 365 for Retail make the perfect Valentine for one another. Below, you’ll find just some of the reasons why.


Above all other traits, Dynamics 365 for Retail is supportive – both to retailers and their customers. With Dynamics 365 for Retail at your side, you will be able to ensure your ERP solution isn’t creating rifts with friends **cough** customers **customers**. In fact, Dynamics for Retail will encourage you to keep in touch with friends, manage loyalty programs, and create a streamlined experience across platforms and in-store. You know, because it’s awkward to have to talk to a friend over text and Messenger; how do you keep one train of thought when you have to use two platforms to accomplish the same thing? Dynamics 365 for Retail will help put an end to that.


Dynamics 365 for Retail is always there for you, and beyond that, it understands what you’re thinking – you might even find yourself realizing it knows you better than you know yourself. Just as you’re beginning to wonder where your inventory levels are at for store #34532, Dynamics 365 for Retail is already there for you, helping you predict current and future demands. Isn’t it just the greatest?


Dynamics 365 for Retail will bring improvements and quality to your friend group and day-to-day tasks. You’ll quickly fall in love with it, and while you’ll often want and need to rely on it, Dynamics 365 for Retail will give you space to grow, change, and be who you want to be – not who they think you should be. Maybe you’re young and just starting out, but you have ambitious life #goals. Dynamics 365 will be there as you start out, it will support you wherever you want to go, and as you grow, Dynamics 365 for Retail will stay flexible and adaptable. That’s because the perfect Valentine changes as you do. Neither of you should be forced to stick to the what you’ve always done before simply because they don’t want to change. A good Valentine is ready to take life head on and change as you do.

What are you waiting for? Relationships need to be a two way street, and Dynamics 365 for Retail is ready to make the commitment to you. Swipe-right on Dynamics 365 for Retail to set up a date!

Happy Dynamics 365’ing!

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