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powerobjects: Getting Started with Campaign Management in Dynamics 365

As with most features of Dynamics 365, there is a lot of functionality available for campaign management. So where does a company start with the tool? In this blog, we’ll cover some basics to get started!

1. Keep it simple starting out – There are a ton of companies out there that will tell you they have the greatest marketing and marketing automation tools out there for your business. Some of them are really good too. If you’re reading this post, you’ve likely never delved into this realm before, so it’s best to start small and simple. Pick a simple marketing campaign you already run at your business and track it’s results manually. This could be an outbound mailer, and email campaign sent from MailChimp, or something similar for which your company has a process already in place for delivery and collection of responses. I’ll use the outbound mailer as my example going forward below.

2. Decide what do you want to track – For our demo outbound mailer, we asked them to email us at our dedicated email address: This will give us a concrete data point to track as a response.

3. Decide what will you do with the responses in the system – Will they need to be converted to leads, opportunities, accounts, contacts? Pick what best fits your current business model. If you’re not sure, check out our CRM Book online to learn a little more about the distinct types of records.

4. Who is going to do the entry of responses into the system? Make sure they have system access – Unless this is a massive campaign creating hundreds of responses daily, usually one or two folks will suffice.

5. Add a new campaign into Dynamics 365 – Be sure to include any and all essential information on the campaign record such as start and end dates, etc. If you don’t know something, don’t make it up.

6. Select campaigns from menu.

7. Add a new campaign.

8. Enter responses as they come in and convert if needed– As the emails start flowing in from your mailer, enter the respondent information as a campaign response for your campaign in the system. If they needed to be converted to another record type, do it now.

9. Add your responses.

10. Convert responses to actionable records.

11. Have your sales team follow-up on your responses as normal – Have them work their new records created from these responses and watch them turn into new tracked revenue streams from your Marketing Dashboard.

12. Converted response can now be worked by the sales team.

13. View the results and close-the-loop from your dashboards.

Once you’ve mastered an introductory campaign. You’re ready to dip into the world of marketing lists and automation.

And that’s how you can quickly get started with campaign management in Dynamics 365! To get other helpful tips and tricks delivered right to your inbox, subscribe to our blog.

Happy Dynamics 365’ing!

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