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vanvugt: Prism for AL Preview

You might know that I have been (and still am) a fan of Statical Prism. But now that we moved into the AL world this is becoming obsolete as it only handles C/AL code. Christin Clausen and his stati-cal team have been working hard on the AL version of the tool. Last week they released a preview version of Prism for AL to the community and they asked me to review it. Unfortunately I did not find enough time yet to that, but had a quick look and thought it very promising. And as such worthwhile to bring it to the attention of the community, so that others might also review it and give the stati-cal team as much as possible feedback on what they did so far.

Note that it's a preview that's not yet covering everything as the Known preview limitationslist also let us know. Be invited to review it and make it as worthwhile as Statical Prism.

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