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powerobjects: Joe D365 – The Dynamics Superhero We Deserve!

Many of you may know of Joe CRM – PowerObjects’ CRM Superhero. He may have helped you resolve an issue or make a customization with a handy blog post, he may have sent you the PowerObjects monthly newsletter to keep you informed of updates, or you may have even been lucky enough to get a photo with Joe at one of our conferences!

Well, we are happy to say that Joe CRM has had some exciting changes in his life as an unmasked hero running on pure Dynamics adrenaline. As Microsoft Dynamics has changed, so has Joe – he felt it was time to mature with the platform he loves so much and to take on even more knowledge and responsibility.

So, Joe has trained and diligently pursued the expansion of his expertise to include all of Microsoft Dynamics 365! Joe’s new mission is to help everyone with their full Dynamics 365 end-to-end journey by adding Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations to his repertoire.

With this change, Joe thought it was time to upgrade his Joe CRM cape and to take on the mantle of the hero the Dynamics 365 community deserves: Joe D365!

So, what can we expect from our new and improved D365 superhero?

More content about Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations on the blog!
Unfamiliar with this aspect of Dynamics 365? Get trained up like Joe during our Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations webinar series.

Already interested in pursuing a Finance & Operations solution? Learn more about what PowerObjects can offer on your journey.

More educational events on Dynamics 365!
Subscribe to our event notifications to be the first to know about new events!

A Twitter Name Change!
To reflect Joe’s mission, we updated our Twitter handle to @powerobjects

You can get the latest updates, receive free educational content, keep up with our blog, and get a behind the scenes look at PowerObjects by following us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

New Email Address
You may have noticed newsletters and email updates coming from Joe D365 already – do not be alarmed! It’s still your friendly, neighborhood D365 hero here to bring you the latest and greatest from PowerObjects.

Happy Dynamics 365’ing!

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